Quality Assurance

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Hafeez Knitwear was established in 1994. Our knitwear & garment unit Started in 1995. Embroidery & another new unit in 1997. We are the prominent and leading exporters of the Knitwear in Pakistan. Our business cycle starts from Knitting and ends at finished products. We are exporting top quality products throughout the world. Our wheels run round the clock, we are enriched with ingredients of the latest technology, modern methods of production and assiduous human elements. We believe in quality and customer satisfaction, which is the spirit of our business volume increase with every passing day. This shows that what we commit we do it. caters both local and international market.

A most modern vertically integrated knitwear unit in Pakistan with a lot of experience and state-of-the-art technology in knitting, dyeing, embroidery and garment manufacturing. Hafeez Knitwear is a product development center creating innovative fabrics and garment finishes with fastest turnover in product development. Hafeez Knitwear's high production strength stems from high-teach machinery of European and Japanese origin, with latest embroidery machines and latest knitting machines by Barudan & Tajima. Company's operation from dyeing to garment packing are carried out under the supervision of highly qualified conscientious and experienced staff. Hafeez Knitwear is totally committed to perfection and on time delivery with efficient and excellent services.